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It’s been a busy couple of years for up and coming four-piece band Skinny Living. Since 2017, the band have gone from strength to strength performing in the UK and abroad, building a formidable following. 

Released in 2017, their single "Why" received plays on BBC Radio 1 and high-praise from the likes of NME, Clash and SBTV. Skinny Living have over 5 million streams on their Spotify channel and hit the Viral Chart Top 50, along with being Apple's 'New Artist Of The Week' and an appearance/ performance on ITV’s 'The Weekend'.

Hailing from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, a few miles from Fane's factory. Skinny Living originally formed in late 2013 as a collaboration between Ryan Johnston (vocals) and Will Booth (guitarist / vocals). They were joined a very short while later by Rhys Anderson (percussion / vocals) and Danny Hepworth (guitar / vocals).  


"There is so much depth to the tone of the A60. A really good bottom-end response, but still so bright at the top. Very dynamic and pleasing to play through."
Danny Hepworth | Guitarist, Skinny Living

Taking influence from many different genres and artists, the guys have worked relentlessly to craft their unique sound, an upbeat, casual and soulful vibe that almost anyone can relate to with ease. The group thrive on making each song interesting in it's own right, emotive and different to the next while retaining a distinctive singature sound and style throughout that never becomes stale. But it's when pefroming live that these guys really impress, it's clear to see their passion for music and this shows in they way they truly connect with the audience.  

“Very clear and crisp sound. The Ascension N30 really brought out the tone from both my electric and acoustic guitars. They really are amazing drivers."

Will Booth | Guitarist, Skinny Living


Expect big things to come from this band in the future! We're delighted to be supporting them and proud to have them on our roster of Fane Acoustics endorsing artists. Check out more about them and watch their live music video for 'Let Me In' below;





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Discover more about Skinny Living

Skinny Living Instagram Page (@skinnylivinguk)

Music Available on:

Apple Music






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