ToneQuest Report Talks to Fane Acoustics Ascension Series Design Engineer Fouad Abidi \\

In the upcoming April 2024 edition of ToneQuest magazine, readers will have the opportunity to delve into the world of Fane Acoustics with an exclusive interview featuring design engineer Fouad Abidi. The interview delves into the intricate design process behind the Ascension A60 guitar loudspeaker driver, shedding light on the innovative technology that sets Fane Acoustics apart in the industry.

When asked about the inspiration behind the Ascension Series, Abidi remarked, "The design motivation for the Ascension Series speakers was to create a musical, dynamic, and well-balanced range of speakers, whilst staying true to the classic heritage of Fane speakers and bringing the Fane tone to a new audience of players. For the A60 specifically we wanted to create a speaker that was extremely detailed, dynamic, and open, revealing all the subtle nuances of finely crafted tube amplifiers."

The April edition of ToneQuest also features interviews with Mark Bartell of Bartell Amps, USA, who raved about the perfect match between his cabinets and the Ascension A60. Bartell stated, "A clear, detailed, and huge sounding speaker for seemingly anything we throw at it, but man, the Fane A60 is rapidly becoming one of our favourites. The Fane lets the frequencies speak individually but work together like CSN in the early years. You can really feel this speaker aligning with the touch sensitivity of the amp and it loves clean and driven sounds equally."

Additionally, readers can look forward to hearing from Louis Maldonado, an avid supporter of Fane Acoustics and one of our Endorsing Artists. Maldonado shared, "With the Fane, I never hear frequency bumps. The lows don’t flub out, there’s musical clarity to the high end, and it’s round, not piercing. I don’t know how they did it, but they sound broken in right away."

Don't miss out on the latest issue of ToneQuest magazine to learn more about Fane Acoustics and the Ascension Series. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a casual tone enthusiast, this edition is sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration.


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