About Fane Acoustics \\

Since 1958 Fane Acoustics has been synonymous with legendary British bands and guitar amplification manufacturers.
Pioneers and originators of the first guitar loudspeaker in the world to be fitted with a glass-fibre voice coil, the first to reach a power rating of 100 watts and the first to achieve a sound pressure level in excess of 100dB, Fane Acoustics revolutionised the rock guitar loudspeaker. 

Hand Crafted in England with an emphasis on consistency and reliability, Fane Acoustics produce speakers that deliver incredible quality and tone. As much art as technology our design philosophy goes well beyond simply coupling a magnet assembly to a cone and voice coil. Fane's engineering and design talent puts extensive knowledge, passion and effort into developing finely crafted, purpose driven models that perfectly balance heritage with innovation and deliver the elusive qualities of high performance, exquisite tonality and consistent quality - qualities that coincide perfectly with the needs of today's players. 

Fane Acoustics recaptures the magic and sublime quality of Fane with a carefully selected and hand-crafted range of guitar loudspeakers that will inspire a new generation of players seeking the ultimate in tone!

Fane Acoustics is a brand of Fane International Ltd, designers and manufacturers of professional component loudspeakers.



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