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Luis C. Maldonado is a Los Angeles based Musician, Writer, and Performer. He is currently a member of the group Foreigner. In the recent past, Luis served as the lead guitarist of 2-time, grammy award winning group, Train. He has also worked with artists such as Glenn Hughes, Lisa Marie Presley, Bigelf, John Waite and Into the Presence.

Luis began his journey in the music industry at 19 in the Bay area with Mike Varney's Shrapnel records. The legendary guitar-based record label allowed him to work with artists such as Michael Schenker, Artension, U.F.O. and Cairo to name a few.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Luis continued to record and tour internationally and eventually began writing and producing.

He's been featured in Guitar Player magazine, Vintage Guitar Magazine as well as numerous TV performances. He continues to contribute to artist recordings through writing and arranging. Among some of the producers/ artists he has worked with include; John Goodmanson, Steve Lillywhite, Patrick Leonard, Jim Scott, Linda Perry, Will 'iDap' Larsen, Butch Walker, Cee-Lo Green and many more...

Luis is excited to be part of the Fane Acoustics speaker family!


"I recently had the privilege to use the Ascension F70 speakers while on tour. I am very happy to say they are a great continuation of the legacy and sound I have grown to know and love."

Luis C Maldonado | Guitarist, Train



“I’ve been using vintage Fane speakers since the early 90s when I acquired my first Hiwatt cabinet. I have accumulated a good amount of them over the years. They have been my go-to speakers for over 20 years on tour and in the studio."

Luis C Maldonado | Guitarist, Train



Fane F70 guitar speaker Fane A60 guitar loudspeaker 

12-Inch, 70 W Ceramic Guitar Loudspeaker

12-Inch, 60 W Alnico Guitar Loudspeaker


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Photography credits: Michael Kline



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