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Giampaolo Noto is a guitarist from Rome, Italy. Learning to play guitar from a very early age, he then further studied blues and sound processing. From the outset Giampaolo was deeply influenced by sound experimentation and by the British sounds of 60's and 70's music. In particular, he was captured by a band that left a lasting impact on him; Pink Floyd.

The specific sounds and atmospheres of Pink Floyd have always had a unique charm for Giampaolo, pushing him to an in-depth study, spanning over twenty years, to try and understand all its secrets. Giampaolo has thus become one of the greatest experts in sound experimentation and the legendary sound of Pink Floyd and guitarist David Gilmour.

"I started trying the F70 and I was really impressed by the dynamics and the sound. I can't wait to hear also the A60 and try the combination."
Giampaolo Noto

Working as a session musician with several recording studios, Giampaolo also teaches at music schools with the course “Sound processing of electric guitar” and periodically performing guitar clinics and workshops. He has also published articles in several trade magazines. Over time, there have also been some awards for his work, such as endorsement of HIWATT (UK) which, since 2013, has included Giampaolo among their official roster of supporting artists. There are also collaborations with Cicognani Engineering for the production of guitar effects inspired by the echo of 60, Romano Burini who created the complete set of custom pickups for the Black Strat, Essetipicks that makes the picks used by Giampaolo and of course, more recently, Fane Acoustics loudspeakers.

“I wouldn’t want to be a background, I would like my music to be the only important thing, at least when you listen."

Giampaolo Noto


Giampaolo’s official website has become a community and reference point for all guitarists looking for information on sound processing and, of course, for all the lovers of the sound of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour.

The gear used by Giampaolo includes:

  • Fender Stratocater “Black” + DG Set Romano Burini + switch neck/bridge
  • Fender Stratocaster “Red” + EMG DG-20
  • Fender Telecaster “Sunburst” ‘50 RI
  • Lap Steel Guitar + SD SSL-5
  • Ovation Celebrity Deluxe
  • Ukulele, Mandolino
  • Hiwatt T40 Head
  • Custom cab WEM logo + Fane Speaker
  • Full Analog Pedalboard “V3”
  • Custom Fuzz 109
  • Custom Line Switch
  • Custom Chorus Rotary
  • Ernie Ball Volume
  • CryBaby Wah + reverse mod
  • Digitech Whammy Ricochet
  • Cicognani Engineering Echofet Baby






Fane Acoustics - Ascension F70  Fane Acoustics - Ascension A60 Fane Acoustics - Ascension N30 Fane Acoustics - Ascension F90 Fane Acoustics - Ascension A90
12-Inch, 70 W
Ceramic Guitar Loudspeaker
12-Inch, 60 W
Alnico Guitar Loudspeaker
12-Inch, 30 W
Neodymium Guitar Loudspeaker
12-Inch, 90 W
Ceramic Guitar Loudspeaker
12-Inch, 90 W
Alnico Guitar Loudspeaker



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