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Perky's Gear Demos - British Speaker Legends: New Fane Ascensions + Equivalent Celestions... compared

In recent months, I've demoed all of Fane's brand new low-wattage drivers - the A30, F25 and F30 - and they're all wonderful things. But underneath all of those videos, one question has come up time and time again: how do they compare to the equivalent Celestions? There's speakers in both lineups that are clearly aimed at the same areas of the market - so, what are the similarities and differences?

Perky's Gear Demos - Fane F30 ... Tasty Classic Rock Bark!

Putting the F30 through its paces - and much like the F25, the amp nerds amongst us will know that it's not the only speaker from history to have a 30W power handling and a heavy ceramic magnet. But like the F25, this is by no means a clone of that old driver - it's just a similar concept with a slightly alternative voicing. There's some killer rock tones in this speaker - perfect for taming an aggressive upper midrange and fattening everything out for some serious punch and power. It really barks, but still has a lovely definition without the weight ever getting too much.

Perky's Gear Demos - Fane F25 ... 25W Ceramic Midrange Punch!

You all know how much I love Fane speakers. So you can imagine how excited I was over the summer when three brand new drivers hit the market! I shot a shootout between the whole Ascension range, as well as a standalone demo of the A30 Alnico. And today, we'll be giving the same treatment to the F25. As you might expect, it's a 25W speaker with a medium ceramic magnet. Yes yes, there's 'another' historic speaker out there with similar specifications - the F25 is not intended to be in any way a clone of that; more an alternative with a different voice. But like that fabled driver, the F25 delivers a lovely midrange snap and punch that is perfect for classic rock.

Perky's Gear Demos - Fane A30 ... The New Kid On The AlNiCo Block!

A couple of months back, I showed you the entire Fane Ascension range of speakers (minus the A90...!), primarily to introduce their three brand new drivers into the range. And out of those three, one really stood out to me as being especially...special! Now, regulars here will know how much I love their A60 speaker; so it'll probably come as no big surprise that it was the new A30 that piqued my interest.

Perky's Analog Gear Demos - Fane Ascension Series Shootout

Perky's Analog Gear Demos compares the Fane Ascension Series speaker range, including putting the new F25, F30 and A30 through their paces.

Perky's Analog Gear Demos - Hylight's 2x12 VE212F - Loaded with Fane Ascension Drivers

Perky's Analog Gear Demos Reviews the Hylight Custom 50 VR504....a true-to-the-original reworking of the classic Hiwatt 504 circuit running through two Hylight VE212F cabinets - one loaded with Fane A60 Alnicos and the other with Fane F70 Ceramic drivers.

Fane F90 Demo - Perky's Analog Gear Demos

"Ninety Ceramic Watts of Snarly Rock Goodness!" Perky's Analog Gear Demos gives his thoughts on the Ascension F90 guitar loudspeaker.

Fane N30 Demo - Perky's Analog Gear Demos

Perky's Analog Gear Demos gives his thoughts on the Ascension N30 guitar loudspeaker.

Perky's Analog Gear Demos – Ascension A60 Review

Check out this fantastic review of the Ascension A60 by UK guitarist Joe Perkins of Perky's Analog Gear Demos. Please subscribe to his amazing channel on YouTube

Fane A60 Demo - Giampaolo Noto

Fane endorsee Giampaolo Noto giving a demo of the Ascension F70 guitar loudspeaker. A written article can also be found at

Fane F70 Demo - Giampaolo Noto

Fane endorsee Giampaolo Noto giving a demo of the Ascension F70 guitar loudspeaker. A written article can also be found at

Fane Loaded - Sound City® Master Lead 50 Emerson Swinford Demo

Emerson Swinford is a Los Angeles-based guitarist, composer/songwriter and producer. He is currently a touring and studio guitarist for Rod Stewart. In this video Emerson demonstrates the Sound City® Master Lead 50 loaded with custom Fane Acoustics drivers hand made in the UK.

Avatar-Fane M65 65 watt guitar speaker Made in England by Fane

Dawson Scholz from The Ongoing Concept demos the Avatar M65 guitar speaker made by Fane Acoustics in England.

Avatar-Fane M65 412 cab w Sebastian Elizondo of Darkness Divided

Sebastian Elizondo of Darkness Divided demos the Avatar-Fane M65 12 inch guitar speaker made in England by Fane Acoustics.

Avatar Fane M65 Guitar Speaker Demo Bobby Lynge: Fit for a King

Bobby Lynge guitarist for Fit for a King demos the new Avatar M65 12 inch guitar speakers made in England by Fane Acoustics. It's an Avatar 412 Signature cab. The recording is done straight in with no effects or pedals..pure and simple. Great for rock and Metal.

Fane Acoustics - Ascension Series hand built, guitar loudspeaker production

See where the magic happens inside the Fane Acoustics factory in West Yorkshire, England. Follow the Ascension Series guitar loudspeakers on their journey through our hand built production process to the finished product.

Directed by Danny Land |

We would also like to thank 'The Holds' for allowing us to use their track 'Can't Go Back' taken from their self-titled debut EP. Visit their YouTube channel to find out more about this awesome band at

Fane Acoustics Medusa 150C Dynamo GT-6 200w Guitar Amp Demo

Manny Santos of Zero the Hero in San Antonio,TX. Test driving his 200w DYNAMO GT-6 guitar amp. 2 channel Super Lead Overdrive powered by 6 KT-77 power tubes. Played through the GT 412 600w Cabinet loaded with four 150w FANE Medusa 150 speakers. Ultra High-End design, construction, and components.

Fane Acoustics - Ascension N30 demo

Have you ever wondered what the Fane Acoustics Ascension N30 guitar speaker sounds like?

Andy Thornton of Thornton Amplification gives a demonstration of the Ascension N30, 12-inch, neodymium, 30 watt guitar loudspeaker loaded in his 'Dexter' Combo amp and recorded through a Beyer dynamic M88 microphone.

For more information visit Thornton Amps website

SNAMM '16 - Sound City Amps Master Lead 50 & Master One

Shaun Hammond from talks to Steven Fryette at Summer NAMM 2016 about the newly relaunched Sound City guitar cabs loaded with Fane Acoustics loudspeakers.

Joe Berger testing Sound City cabs loaded with Fane Acoustics speakers

Guitarist Joe Berger rocks through the new Sound City guitar cabs loaded with Fane Acoustics Ascension loudspeakers at Summer NAMM 2016.
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