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FaneUSA, the newly named Exclusive Distributor of Fane Acoustics guitar speakers in North America, launched to sell and distribute the new Ascension Series of guitar speakers to dealers, OEMs and consumers throughout the USA and Canada. The Ascension 12-inch drivers are now available for orders and immediate delivery.

Earlier this year, Fane Acoustics (the musical instrument division of Fane International, Ltd) launched the Ascension Series, a line of guitar speakers handcrafted in England and outfitted with fresh cosmetics and refined tonal enhancements that re-establish Fane as a leader in the world of guitar speaker technology. They’ve already successfully toured Europe and the U.S. with Helmet’s guitarist and lead vocalist, Page Hamilton on the Betty 20th Anniversary Tour. 


“As a guitarist and life-long fan of rock music, having the opportunity to re-introduce the Fane brand name and offer these new products to our customers in the USA and Canada is a dream come true,” 

“Fane drivers were omnipresent in the golden era of rock, used by The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and others on some of the most iconic albums and tours. The new Ascension series drivers have the same heritage DNA and character as the classic Fane drivers while incorporating evolved technology and incredible build quality.”

- Neal Ostberg, President, FaneUSA.



The key models in the Fane Acoustics Ascension Series, the ferrite (ceramic) magnet F70 and Alnico fitted A60, offer players a well-balanced ‘classic’ guitar speaker sound – evolved but with the character of the original beloved Fane product.


Ascension F70
(Manufacturers advertised price: $199)

The Ascension F70, 12-inch, 70-watt, ferrite (ceramic) magnet driver represents the evolution of a classic-tone guitar speaker for players looking for a fresh point of reference. It promises to be the new most talked about speaker in a generation with its unique ability to enhance the performance of clean low gain amplifiers and high gain shred machines alike. It is just as at home in a classic rear mounted 4x12 as it is in a modern front mounted application. The F70 offers a stunningly detailed top-end, rich mid-range and warm low-end with an intricate three-dimensional vintage crunch. The beauty of the F70 is that you need not even change your amplifiers setting to appreciate its ability to articulate delicate passages or manage pummeling abuse with ease. Whether your application is a head and cabinet or an open back combo, the F70 adds a welcome new dimension to existing rigs.


Ascension A60
(Manufacturers advertised price: $319)

The Ascension A60 is a 12-inch, 60-watt, classic alnico driver. While its stunningly simple ‘old school’ visual statement will elicit an instant smile, you may find yourself unprepared for the forthcoming sonic impact. The keyword is balance. Every note and harmonic will immediately sound like it has been perfectly expressed. Providing a refined tonal ‘flavour’ of the Ascension F70, the A60’s detailed, shimmering top-end is never pointed and harsh. Its clear, distinct, low end coupled with the characteristic Fane vocal mid-range presents any player with an entirely renewed appreciation of harmonic structure. Designed specifically to reveal all of the subtle nuances of a finely crafted tube amplifier, the A60 is tailor made for players looking to explore new sonic territory while enhancing an amplifiers signature voice.


About FaneUSA

Headquartered in New York, FaneUSA are the exclusive importers and distributors of Fane guitar speakers for the USA and Canada. 

Dealers in the USA and Canada can place orders with FaneUSA by calling 212-677-1700 
or by email to:


Media Contact: Laura Schooler for FaneUSA,

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