Ascension A60 - The Giant-Killer? \\

We're delighted to reveal that the Ascension A60 has been awarded a 10/10 'excellence' award in the March 2017 edition of Guitar & Bass Magazine. Put through its paces by senior product specialist Huw Price, the review calls the Ascension A60, Alnico, 12-Inch, 60 watt, classic voiced guitar speaker "a potential giant-killer" when it comes to tone.

"Fane has got it spectacularly right with the A60...
...Shimmering treble? Check.  Extreme touch sensitivity? Check.  A tendancy to chime and jangle? Check... If you need higher power handling but crave classic alnico tone and touch dynamics, the A60 delivers on every front..."
- Huw Price, Guitar & Bass Magazine, March 2017

In the Guitar & Bass tests, the A60 was pitted against two well-played Celestion alnicos - the Blue and Gold, using a Tweed deluxe, Rift PR18 and Victory Sherrif 22 amps with Strat and Les Paul guitars. To find out exactly what Huw had to say about these three legendary guitar speakers check out the magazine On Sale Now...

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