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medusa guitar speakers
9th April 2014
Fane would like to thank you for visiting our booth at Frankfurt Prolight + Sound 2014 (PL+S). It was a pleasure to meet everyone and introduce our latest new products and we received a lot of positive feedback from all our visitors and conducted many productive business discussions. With visitor numbers down slightly from last year's record breaking fair, the response still exceeded our expectations and we are confident that, in the coming weeks, we will conclude a number of exciting agreements initiated at PS+L. The Fane Stand at Frankfurt PS+L 2014 NEW COMPONENT DRIVERS FOR 2014 New product additions to the Fane range included the 12" Colossus 12XB and Colossus 12B bass drivers along with three 8" models, the Sovereign Pro 8BM bass mid, Sovereign Pro 8MN mid range, and Sovereign Pro 8-225 bass/ mid range drivers. The models on display were prototype versions full technical specifications and ordering/ sampling information will be available in the next few weeks.     The Fane Team FANE SYSTEMS REBRANDS AS FANE PRO AUDIO In addition to our core component loudspeaker range the new ST-Series, touring loudspeaker systems were on display giving live demos throughout the show and we received many positive comments about their high quality performance. Also we revealed our plans at the show to rebrand the 'Fane Systems' line to 'Fane Pro Audio'.  The rebrand will see the launch of a brand new website and identity intended to engage customers and enhance the brand, attracting new customers to our complete range loudspeaker systems. Fane Pro Audio Systems are all loaded with customised Fane drive units which have been carefully selected and perfectly matched to the enclosure to achieve incredible levels of performance. Fane component speakers are built to the tightest tolerances to ensure high consistency of performance and maximum reliability. For more information on Fane Pro Audio please visit the new website at www.faneproaudio.comOnce again, thank you for the time you reserved for us during the PL+S 2014. We look forward to seeing you at the 20th anniversary show in April next year.      The new Fane Pro Audio 'ST Series' touring cabs
3rd March 2014
In just over a weeks time Messe Frankfurt will again open its doors for the 19th Prolight + Sound exhibition. Fane are proud to be attending, once again, as exhibitors and you can visit us in Hall 8.0, Stand D81. Our sales and technical teams will be on hand to present the Fane brand and answer all of your questions.The event will give new and existing clients an opportunity to view and discuss existing drivers and experience our forthcoming 2014 releases such as the Colossus 12XB, Sovereign Pro 8BM, Sovereign Pro 8MN and Sovereign Pro 8-225 among others.Fane Directors will also be available throughout the show welcoming visitors and discussing distribution partnerships, OEM business opportunities and the benefits of working together with Fane. If you would like to arrange a meeting in advance of the show please contact with your proposed meeting date details.We look forward to seeing you there.For further information about Prolight + Sound, Frankfurt please visit the Messe Frankfurt website;
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FANE Medusa Series

The unique sound of legendary rock guitarists of the sixties rock scene stemmed from the long extinct cobalt magnet speaker with its’ fragile paper voice coil, which gave the ideal mix of tonal nuance and overdrive harmonics. Increasing costs and higher power demand saw the permanent demise of these iconic speakers, a sound still highly sought after today.

Despite many attempts, no truly successful replacement has been produced, until now...
The Fane speakers Medusa Series recreates these iconic tones and has produced speakers which faithfully recreates, with power and economy, the subtle tonal colours and overdrive characteristics of the most sought after sound of all time.

Recapture that special British guitar sound of the sixties rock era. Play again that unique and distinctive sound of the legendary giants of rock music, a new breed with an old style.
Let Medusa turn you to Rock!

Chassis DiamPower Rating (AES)Coil DiamSensitivity
12”150 w2.0” / 50.8 mm103 dB
Cast chassis. Smooth low end, smooth mid range, good high end response. Great for combos, 1& 2x12 and lead guitar. Giving an unbelievable thick warm tone with an immense push that remains detailed. The trademark sound of many legendary artists around the world.
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Chassis DiamPower Rating (AES)Coil DiamSensitivity
12”150 w 2.0” / 50.8 mm103 dB
Smooth low end, smooth mid range, good high end response. Great for combos, 1& 2x12 and lead guitar. Giving an unbelievable thick warm tone with an immense push that remains detailed.
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Chassis DiamPower Rating (AES)Coil DiamSensitivity
12”100 w1.5” / 38.1mm102 dB
Big low end with punchy mids and a pleasing sizzle on the top end. Great British tone.
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MEDUSA 10-75
Chassis DiamPower Rating (AES)Coil DiamSensitivity
10”75 w1.75” /44.45mm98 dB
Good low end, pronounced mid range, warm top end. Works well in 2x10 and combos.
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