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medusa guitar speakers
24th October 2014
Fane International Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Soundworks, as our exclusive distribution partner for Fane products in Greece and with shared status in Cyrpus. The Partnership was formalised following a visit to our UK headquarters by Soundwork's owners Stamatios and Alexandros Moschos to view our product ranges and UK manufacturing facilities. Fane Managing Director, Mark Barnes (left) and Sales Director, Neil Barnes (right) pictured at the Fane UK headquarters with Stamatios and Alexadros Moschos (centre) of Soundworks, Greece. We are confident that our partnership with Soundworks will provide better access and service for our customers within the regions and offer the full line of Fane component loudspeakers and Fane Pro Audio sound systems with local stock for faster deliveries.  About Soundworkshttp://www.soundworks.grSoundworks specialise in the rental and sales of professional sound, lighting and projection system equipment. Taking into account individual requirements and budgets, a team of highly experienced personnel is always on hand to advise and implement the perfect audio-visual solutions. Soundworks pride themselves on their first-class service, customer satisfaction and establishment of long lasting collaborations. For further information please contact; SoundworksTel: +30 210 960 4966Fax: +30 210 960 1321Info: info@soundworks.grSales: sales@soundworks.grSupport: Or alternatively contact the Fane sales team at
9th May 2014
Fane are pleased to announce that we have now added 5 new enclosure designs to our range of loudspeaker cabinet plans. The new 'EN' series designs comprises of 12" and 15" 2 way, single 18" sub bass, dual 15" full range and dual 18" sub bass designs optimised for Fane drivers. Component driver packages and official crossovers will be available through our dealer and distributor network shortly. We hope to release more free designs soon so check back often or sign up to our newsletter for updates. Plans are provided free to use for non-commercial purposes.   Descripton Format Size Download FANE EN21802 2x18” Sub Bass Enclosure Design PDF 2407kb download FANE EN21501 2x15” Full Range Enclosure Design PDF 2900kb download FANE EN11801 18” Sub Bass Enclosure Design PDF 2370kb download FANE EN1501 15” 2-WAY Enclosure Design PDF 2902kb download FANE EN1201 12” 2-WAY Enclosure Design PDF 2578kb download + Further enclosure designs can be found in our resources section here…
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FANE Medusa Series

The unique sound of legendary rock guitarists of the sixties rock scene stemmed from the long extinct cobalt magnet speaker with its’ fragile paper voice coil, which gave the ideal mix of tonal nuance and overdrive harmonics. Increasing costs and higher power demand saw the permanent demise of these iconic speakers, a sound still highly sought after today.

Despite many attempts, no truly successful replacement has been produced, until now...
The Fane speakers Medusa Series recreates these iconic tones and has produced speakers which faithfully recreates, with power and economy, the subtle tonal colours and overdrive characteristics of the most sought after sound of all time.

Recapture that special British guitar sound of the sixties rock era. Play again that unique and distinctive sound of the legendary giants of rock music, a new breed with an old style.
Let Medusa turn you to Rock!

Chassis DiamPower Rating (AES)Coil DiamSensitivity
12”150 w2.0” / 50.8 mm103 dB
Cast chassis. Smooth low end, smooth mid range, good high end response. Great for combos, 1& 2x12 and lead guitar. Giving an unbelievable thick warm tone with an immense push that remains detailed. The trademark sound of many legendary artists around the world.
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Chassis DiamPower Rating (AES)Coil DiamSensitivity
12”150 w 2.0” / 50.8 mm103 dB
Smooth low end, smooth mid range, good high end response. Great for combos, 1& 2x12 and lead guitar. Giving an unbelievable thick warm tone with an immense push that remains detailed.
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Chassis DiamPower Rating (AES)Coil DiamSensitivity
12”100 w1.5” / 38.1mm102 dB
Big low end with punchy mids and a pleasing sizzle on the top end. Great British tone.
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MEDUSA 10-75
Chassis DiamPower Rating (AES)Coil DiamSensitivity
10”75 w1.75” /44.45mm98 dB
Good low end, pronounced mid range, warm top end. Works well in 2x10 and combos.
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